DISTEMPER (Elias Plagianos : Director, Writer)

"As well framed as it is well spoken, this year's winner "DISTEMPER", illustrated a great command of structure and dialogue."

-Ben Travers Indiewire TV Critic and Deputy Editor

SeriesFest 2020

SOMBRA CITY (Elias Plagianos : Director, Writer)

"A sumptuously filmed sci-fi from filmmaker Elias Plagianos, short film "SOMBRA CITY" takes an assassin’s tale and gives it a gloriously romantic twist. "

-Chris Olson 

U.K. Film Review

Manchester Film Festival

SHOOT ME NICELY (Elias Plagianos : Director, Writer)

Named "BEST INDEPENDENT TV PILOT" by Europe's #1 Broadcaster SKY TV.