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HIT MAN: Secrets of Lies (Elias Plagianos : Director, Writer)

WINNER BEST DIRECTOR  - Elias Plagianos SeriesFest  2023

Jury Statement:  Hit Man: Secrets of Lies was a beautifully directed pilot. Elias Plagianos crafted a complicated piece with layered and sophisticated performances from the entire cast, well composed shots that increased the feeling of the walls caving in on our characters, and he presented a world that explored the very gray areas of morality. Very rich ground for a series – we look forward to seeing more!

Jury from BBC Studios, Wolf Entertainment, Hollywood Reporter, Onyx Studio (Disney)

SeriesFest 2023

HUDSON FALLS  (Elias Plagianos : Director, Writer)

Named of the six " Favorite Series" of Canneseries by French Newspaper "20 Minutes" ! 

DISTEMPER (Elias Plagianos : Director, Writer)



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"As well framed as it is well spoken, this year's winner "DISTEMPER", illustrated a great command of structure and dialogue."

-Ben Travers Indiewire TV Critic and Deputy Editor

SeriesFest 2020

SOMBRA CITY (Elias Plagianos : Director, Writer)